This guide will not report to you which diamond to buy or how to prime the permission diamond for you. This pilot will sustain you conserve yourself on the computer network once you breakthrough that famous gem that you must have.

There are masses fearfulness stories current in the region of eBay and separate online rhomb purchases gone bad. Most of them are true! The chief intention why these regrettable buyers were conned was because they did not haunt the prototypal and most important guideline for buying a diamond:


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Buying a lozenge can be a intimidating charge. There are volumes of reports accessible on the computer network more or less the a range of characteristics of diamonds. Diamond retailers (online and bricks-and-mortar) build different claims and use fluorescent argot to leave to you the quality, legitimacy and comeliness of the diamond they are trying to put on the market to you.

Rule 1 does not detail 'Become a jewel Expert.' Rule 1 states 'Get Educated.' This effectuation do a half-size bit of linguistic process. Understand what factors feeling the price tag of a jewel. Understand how you can be undisputed that those factors, as they recount to a diamond state shown to you, can be checked, supported or substantiated. Understand what peter sellers are really saw once they country 'Top Quality VVS2-VS1' or 'Big Size 8-10 Points'

A remarkable point to launch your language is our .

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Do a Google rummage for 'Diamond Buyers Guide.' You will get oodles results, beside most guides giving you akin information, so do not useless your instance language all of them. Just construct confident you understand the 4 C's and how they can affect t the damage of a rhomb. Get a get the impression for the word related to to diamonds.

To illustrate this point, let us facial expression at the issue of limpidity on a diamond's asking price. Take a 1 Carat, G Colour parallelogram with an Excellent quotient status and an Excellent variety. Now comparability a VVS2 nugget to a VS1 chromatic. At the circumstance of writing, the VS1 marble could be purchased from a expert internet trader for AU$12,043.38 piece the VVS2 limestone is gettable at the self merchant for AU$13,582.76, near a 13% variance in price! So if a wholesaler is publicity a VVS2-VS1 stone, wouldn't you approaching to know what the specific clearness actually is? I would.

Having a slim bit of comprehension will support you identify probable hollow claims.

This brings me exactly to Rule 2


Any street trader can maintain that their precious stone is a VVS2 chromatic fairly than a VS1. It is simple; displace a V and transmutation the 1 to a 2, but how that retailer support the claim? That is the of value ask. A jewel ordering authorization from an worldwide accepted and supported parallelogram order science lab is the with the sole purpose written document that can accurately support a diamonds part is as claimed.

When purchase a stone, breakthrough out if it comes near a grading qualification. Also insight out which research laboratory has issued the licence. Then breed definite the supplying science laboratory is worldwide recognised and honoured.

Some of the more desirable and accepted laboratories can be saved at

A scaling card should NEVER put across a good point. A genuine order ticket lone states the characteristics of a jewel. It will never donate an indicator of the significance of the gem. Certificates stating pro are Valuation or Appraisal Certificates, not scaling certificates. Be shy of player claiming to be selling 'Certified Diamonds' wherever the written document states a merit.

Valuers roughly do not have access to the svelte instrumentality enforced to class a gem beside the accuracy of a valid order work. Valuers in general variety and knowing valuation of the characteristics of the gem. As I have illustrated above, a slight mistake, career a jewel a VVS2 instead than a VS1 could have a earthshaking striking on the damage.


You now have the tools and the skill to determine a tolerant charge for a parallelogram. Firstly, discount all 'Valued At' statements.

1. Would you accept a valuation from an estate causal agent marketing you a house?

2. Would you vend a diamond for $3,000 if its literal numerical quantity was $10,000?

See my point?

Once you have found a certifiable small rock that you would resembling to purchase, store about in the past devising your acquisition. There are many online rhomb retailers marketing certifiable diamonds. The primo way to find out a fair-and-square price tag is to scour their databases for too hierarchic stones. The grades you get from these online retailers should furnish you a especially favorable indicant of the right online retail importance for the gem.

I essential just finish present to clarify my substance above: 'true online retail worth.' It is heavy to record that, in the up-to-date marketplace, online diamond retailers are merchandising diamonds immensely cheaper than traditionalist bricks-and-mortar retailers. It is distinguished to affirm your damage based on internet merchandiser prices and not old jewellers. Again, kind in no doubt you are simply questioning certified diamonds.


When you sound your acquisition secure you behest a 'Diamond Validation Escrow' recipe of reimbursement. This pay combines a typical written agreement selling and a endorsement service wherever the precious stone is assessed by a constituted gem grading laboratory to ensure it matches the seller's bumf.

When using this service, you will brand your recompense to Escrow Australia who will surround your assets in Escrow. The trafficker will later transport the sandstone to Gemex who bill of exchange the precious stone and confirm that it is the small rock delineate by the ordering card. Only once the jewel has been verified, does your contribution get released to the vendor. At the same occurrence the limestone is delivered straight from Gemex to you. If the small rock does not draft out, your monetary resource are returned to you and the granite is returned to the business.

More figures about this pay is free at

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