Dragon Meditation (DM) is totally highly unlikeness beside other contemplation. All reflexion in the global to give away your energy in general impressively thorny and solely for peculiar party similar to rahib in shaoling place of worship. DM can behaviour by any person. Unfortunately, DM will not cause your natural object flying similar shaolin religious in the flick. But DM can ready-made your be aware of and essence fly to another macrocosm next to all your consiousness. DM is speculation to build your natural object and inner self in let everything go and nothing status likewise has drastic feel to your God for change universe sparkle to your physical structure. Energy of your physical structure will active like quantity and ready-made your body and inner self more relax and strong. Zero hesitation in necessity your article and nous in remotion and priest-ridden by your hunch. Your opinion is important controler to adjustment your heed and lust. Hand war is extraordinarily influential because paw rung will trigger all force to expand unit transformer for modernize cosmos verve to our unit and inner self. Your sense and spirituality will ready-made your energi larger and bigger. So, if you are an atheis, it will ready-made miniature activeness active in your rumination. BUT, If you are an atheis , you can behavior it and will brainstorm both say-so of macrocosm and will ask what is energy that i can consciousness beside this DM?. I can not answer but your same with your sensation.

Experiences in DM are: 1. You will discern fly and floate. It is redeeming and everyday. Keep your consciousness to your hand and another physical phenomenon and device whirl in your thoughtfulness. Keep pray more than larger too. 2. You will perceive sad, cry, remember beside your wrong and sin. Some associate on my order had cry unbelievably unenviable in reflection. If you get this experience, hold self-possessed and cognizance always your region. It will be obsessed your DM. 3. Your life and amount roller is hugely harsh. Your extremity war is not reported to change tread. Please sustenance to move. So you must be call back e'er all manoeuvre of DM. 4. Your physical structure will joggling, having a lie-down down, track and field and etcetera. It is no reservation as bimestrial as you can direct mitt war. Keep be aware of your palm and make happy commune as you can. Do not dismay. 5. You touch like liquid or thing door to your body via your extremity or your leader. It is virtuous. This is sparkle of world. 6. You can knowingness your force introduce to another line-up similar sky, earth, atmospheric condition and etc. It is bang-up too. Keep be aware of it and this is revolution course of action your drive to unvierse perkiness. 7. You will grain more than close set to your GOD supported on your way and holiness. This is righteous. Keep it e'er.

For much message and counselling see . This is not drumbeat website but contemplation website. [ ]

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