Some geezerhood ago, I got naming as a Head of Pre-Entry Science Course Department at the Technical University in Balgravia. The Department registered the first students from distinct last educational institution of the bucolic. The ambition of the Department was to insight students' gaps in their experience of study subjects and incline them to body standards. It was pleasure to occupation in an foreign countryside on such as provoking issues and for a such as honorable goal.

Once, when I passed by a room where science was mortal educated by a colleague, I heard the voice of the students counting: 4 597, 4 598, 4 599...At that time, I did not pay substantially public interest to it. But after 3 days, from aft the doors of the same classroom, I heard: 13 127, 13 128, 13 129...

"My friend", I asked Mr. S. rapidly after on the corridor, "what is taking place in the classroom during your science lessons?"

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"Well, my students are with up to a million, he answered."

"Hmm," I muttered and went away.

Then, at the staircase, I accomplished the goal of his spoken communication. I went to my department. Looking at my wristwatch, I counted up to one one hundred. I picked up a calculator. I computed that in 50 minutes, they would count up to 5 000, in a period of time (5 programme) to 25 000 and at the end of the seminary year, they would not even make 800 000 because of holidays and the certainty that book of numbers were exploit longer!

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I summoned Mr. S. "Do you agnise what you are doing with your counting?"

"This is a present-day way of introducing a dependable generalization. First of all, I craft my pupils mindful of how large the number cardinal is. Then, secondly, we have acute delight in man the initial. I believe, so far, common man has counted up to a million! Today's international rewards those who are early in anything!
I await the standing to be in the "Guinness Book of Records" and thirdly, I am testing whether pupils can tell up to a million! The statement: "I can enumerate up to a million" is good-for-nothing until it is tested experimentally, i.e. by the procedure of truly counting".

I got disturbed. "Enough is enough!" I shouted. "I directive you to inculcate according to the syllabus!"

Next day, stealthily, I approached his room. The pupils were reciting: 17 999, 18 000, 18 001... I established to occurrence Mr. S. Discreetly, I let my superiors know that Mr. S. was likely lunatic. The communication was distributed. The body municipal distinct that I was against the prelude of new teaching methods, that I do not recognize the finish supported training and that I felt individual enmity towards our associate. My biennial contract expired and was not revived... I disappeared the university.

After a month's time, I came wager on to the Department to meeting my friend, the English coach.
From all the classrooms wherever reckoning lessons were conducted (not just from
the classroom of Mr. S.), I detected the voices of the students counting:

277 238, 277 239, 277 240...

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